Welcome to Red Clay Productions

  • Virtual Studio Productions with Vmix production software.
  • ENG/EFP Camera/Audio/Lights (Interviews & B-Roll)
  • Livestream LiveU Solo Livestream Encoder with Solo Connect, LRT Bonded Cellular Aggregation.
  • Vimeo Premium CDN with Audience Engagement.

“Because of the rapid growth in video production equipment technology, there are now more options than ever when it comes to choosing a video production team with gear for hire.”  

Red Clay Productions is an established member of the professional video content production industry, proudly choosing  “Small Scale Productions” as its area of expertise.  We are repurposing  over 30 years of broadcast televison experence into a premium and cost-effective solution to serve  the digital video content industry.

While we work to update our website please follow us at:  Julius A. Evans

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