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Live Streaming Events

Red Clay Productions offers #LiveStreaming Services for Events, Conferences & Meeting.

Red Clay Productions is owned and managed by Julius A. Evans. Julius is a Professional with real world experience in the Digital Video and Television Production.

Our Clients

Our clients include: Event Producers, Corporate Communications Groups, Marketing and Sales Professionals who require professional video production services ranging from simple HD Camera Video Capture of presentations, lectures, and live events to Extended Professional Digital Video Services such as creative video editing, multi-camera video production, streaming video, and storytelling to name a few.

Red Clay Productions also provides support services to large scale production companies to include NATGEO, The Discovery Network; Digital News and Entertainment Networks to include NBC Universal, ESPN, ABC News, and CNN.

Additionally, RCP supports web based production entities that specialize in Brand Promotions and Marketing to include VIMBY, THRILLIST, NOWTHIS who seek crew support services such as a Locations Sound-Mixer to join their production team for a designated production project.

New Orleans Roots in Video Production

Red Clay Productions is local to New Orleans, a great city fortified with great music, food, and culture. For more than twenty years, Red Clay Productions has melted into the fabric that cloaks the city making it a unique experience for locals and visitors alike. RCP will enhance your production experience by providing subtle guidance to what New Orleans has to offer. Perhaps it’s interpreting the language of YATS or simply maneuvering through Mardi Gras traffic, understanding these simple, but complex items, can mean the difference between enjoyment or frustration while on location in this historic city.

To sum it up, Red Clay Productions is A Professional Video Production Company in New Orleans, owned and operated by a seasoned Video Production Professional, providing quality and affordable services to industry professionals. Simply give us a call or send an email! No job is too small!


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