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People  around the world are searching the web to find the best products, services, information, and entertainment in New Orleans.   If you are a content producer,  Red Clay Productions will support your production project by providing the professional crew and gear at the best price to meet your budget.  No job is too small!  We have real world production experience, professional standards, and the positive attitude to get the job done.  We have successfully supported trade show producers, broadcasters,  corporate communicators, and organizations of all sizes with their multimedia production projects.

For trade show and conference content producers, we offer “Online Media Blast”.  Combining the power of social media and video sharing to get your message out,  pre- during- post- conference. 

In today’s multimedia world there is more than one way to interpret an email from a prospective client seeking production support.  We invite you to give us a quick call to layout your production needs.  This can save you time and money in the long run.  We are NOLA local and if you’re not from New Orleans you’ll soon learn how much of an asset local talent  can be for you.  

–And we know where the great food is!

 Please give us a call.   504.669.4276 or email  Visit us on YouTube


Regarding our references and samples:  We respect our client's right to privacy. Most of the work we perform is " a-work-made-for-hire".  Therefore, we can provide you with the names and contact information for our friends at ESPN, CNN, Microsoft, Freeman Companies, AP, Media Voice, and more, upon your request.

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